Förderung der Demokratieerziehung im Familienalltag
Promotion of democracy education in everyday family life


Programm »Erasmus+«

Project-Nr.: № 2021-1-DE02-KA220-ADU-000026502

Duration: 01.12.2021 – 30.11.2023


  1. Miteinander in Europa e.V., DE
  2. Partner:
  3. Systeme in Bewegung e.V – DE;
  4. Lernwerkstatt Europa e.V., BG
  5. Educcommart – GR
  6. AIFED – ES;
  7. Nyscoolen - NO.

Every year over 3.7 million children are born in Europe, growing up in a world where democracy is not naturally given and where exclusion and discrimination are part of everyday life. Due to social developments in recent years, such as the growth of right-wing populist tendencies and the increase in insults and fake news in public discourse, the question of democratic education is gaining in importance. And family education is of daily importance. From our point of view, the greatest challenge in the history of education since the end of the Second World War, combined with a permanent task of experiential learning, because acting and thinking in a democratic society requires competences that should be learned and tested from the beginning.
The EU has for years emphasised the duty to pass on democratic values to young people as the future of Europe. Working at a European level is crucial in addressing these common challenges. Unfortunately, democracy education in Europe is being neglected.Now, the place where the course for Democratic education is set are families, because they are the first and an essential place of learning for children who will strengthen and carry our Democracy in the future. Among other things, they teach cooperative skills and understanding of rules, as well as the willingness to take responsibility. Since knowledge about democratic processes often remains abstract, the consortium will develop an educational game in 7 languages (DE, GR, ES, BG, EN, NO, AR) that can be played inside and outside the family. The declared aim is to enable young people to represent their interests and participate in political processes, while treating their fellow human beings and their concerns with respect. To deepen the discourse and make it more sustainable, and for the applicability in adult education and social work, a booklet is being developed, also in 7 languages, which will offer ideas, conversational impulses and philosophical approaches to the topic. Both project results will be preceded by a desktop research on the national level of the partners/countries, in order to determine which problems and needs arise for families that implement democracy education in everyday family life. In order to specify these findings in more detail in the following, we will conduct a survey in order to orientate our further approach exactly to the needs of families and educational staff. We expect a total of 100 responses to our survey. Furthermore, the needs analysis, further exchange and joint development of the game will lead to an additional professionalisation of our organisations.
We actively involve politicians at local, national and European level in the implementation of "FED" through stakeholder dialogues and a political project advisory board, because they actively participate in the decision-making process of social processes. This transnational educational task, shows in its implementation that relationship begins with understanding.

The target groups of the project are: parents, adolescents, social work students, teachers and politicians.

Project results:

  • Comparison and analysis of the situation with democratic education in everyday family life in Europe
  • A textbook in the form of an analogue game with extensive teaching material to promote education in democracy in everyday family life
  • Handouts such as game instructions with differentiated suggestions and learning objectives for parents and the student council.
    The content covers skills for democracy development and current issues, including:
    • Personal rights and self-determination
    • Fake news and populism
    • Harmful online behavior
    • Moral / civic courage / courage
    • Consumption, sustainability and global injustice
    • The meaning of truth and reality, the manipulative power of images
  • Written position

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