Learning together, face to face, through the Metaverse + (METAVERSING)


Civil Society Cooperation in the field of Youth FPA Project

Duration: 3 years
Start date: 01.01.2023

Co-funded by the EU

  • AIFED, Spain
  • Partners from Serbia, Italy, Portugal, Greece, Austria, Romania, Germany, Bulgaria, Poland and North Macedonia.
  • Partner from Bulgaria: Learning workshop Europe (Lernwerkstatt Europa e.V.)

Project summary (EN)
Metaverse is a virtual world that we can enter using a set of technological and digital devices. It is a place where you have the ability and the power to do things that you could never do in the real world without leaving home. Why not use this metaphorical power to improve whatour new future will be, allowing us all to arrive equally prepared, leaving no one behind and with all the tools we need? This path of the preparation process is called 'Metaversing'.
Through this 3-year work, we will work for a common goal. We have created a cooperation Network between ENGOs and local and EU entities that support European youth policies to develop activities that empower, encourage and enrich Youth with new opportunities and ways to participate and take on an active citizenship role in society, in such a way that the European year of Youth does not end in 2022.
It is evident that the world in which we live is characterized by continuous and rapid changes,the technological revolution that characterizes the 21st century, is more than a reality, it is already virtuality, and it is called ‘the metaverse’. The main objective of this project is to bring young people closer to the virtual worlds, and we, together with the members of our Network,will provide young people with digital skills and make them better citizens for what is to come,the metaverse.
In this new virtual reality, attention to the environment, climate change, inclusion, and gender equality is no longer just an idea, but these concepts must be understood and applied to everyday life, especially for those who are called ‘digital natives’, the young people.
The cooperation Network created for the development of the ‘Metaversing’ project brings intofocus Youth so that they achieve survive the changing world ability, which will help themunderstand, react, and survive in the new virtual world, by reducing in this new world,discrimination, violence, and non-environmentally friendly actions, in short, a better world.

What will we do in the first year?
• Conducting video conferences - meetings between generations
• Celebrating Solidarity and Cooperation between Generations: April 29 is marked as the European Intergenerational Solidarity Day
• Face-to-face meetings – visit to the European Parliament in Strasbourg
• Visualization and dissemination of information about the project and results

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Visit our web: www.metaversing.site

Presentation - Metaverse
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