„Cyber-Bullying- Open your eyes!“ Professionalization of the educational staff in (the) work to the critically reflected contact with Cyber-Bullying for parents (Plan C)

Lifelong Learning Programme, Sybprogramm Grundtvig, Partnership

Lifelong Learning Programme
Център за развитие на човешките ресурси

  1. Stiftung Medien und Online Sucht, gemeinnützige Stiftung, Germany, Koordinator, www.stiftung-medienundonlinesucht.de
  2. Sdruzhenie Uchebna rabotilniza Evropa, Bulgaria, www.lernwerkstatt-bg.eu
  3. Fundatia Romano Germana Timisoara, Rumania, www.frgtim.ro
  4. Inter-kulturo, Mednarodni kulturno-izobraževalni center, d.o.o. ,Slovenia, www.inter-kulturo.si
  5. Österreichische Gesellschaft für Kinderphilosophie, Austria, www.kinderphilosophie.at

For years, a train has been approaching us that we cannot stop. But we can accompany it responsibly. It holds european parents, who are insecure in their role as parents and who are afraid of losing their children in virtual worlds through cyberbullying. Especially perfidious about cyberbullying, in contrast to "traditional" bullying, is the fact that the victims have no chance to escape, because the offenders can reach them in their playrooms. The consequence: Victims of cyberbullying cannot get away, they cannot find shelter. The european parliament is also aware of this, asking the commission and all EU- member states in Nov. 2012 to exploit all options in protecting children in the digital world and to act in concert by systematically training parents and all staff working with young people. We will activate this process with our learning partnership Plan "C", with a consortium of AT, SI, BG, RO and DE, with the result of all institutions exchanging ideas and starting a complex learning process through different experiences throughout europe. Research regarding existing Best Practice in the preventive educational work with parents will give us the chance to further develop an existing concept for sensitization and information in working with parents. This way we can improve the courses of action of educationalists observably. We will involve parents strongly in Plan "C", producing an "educational movie theatre", made "by parents for parents", which will be allocated at www.plan-c-europe.eu. This clears the way for preventive networking ideas, involving politics and local authorities. It also sensitizes europe for a common problem and helps to advance the common process of development.

More about the project on: www.plan-c-europe.eu

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