Projekt: Burnt (Verbrannt / Изгорен)
censorship by burning books - freedom of opinion, press and art - racism then and now

Program "Europe for Citizens"

Measure 4 - Active European memory

Учене през цял живот

Coordinator: Miteinander in Europa, Germany,

  1. Recht in Europa e.V., Germany
  2. Lernwerkstatt Europa e.V., Bulgaria,
  3. FRG Timisoara, Romania,
  4. Društvo za evropsko zavest, Slovenia,
Duration: May 2014 - July 2015

Brief description of the project:
"The secret of salvation is memory." With the memory of burning books during National Socialism in 1933 the "Burnt/Scorched" project will support and actively work towards building a historically determined identity of Europe. "Burnt/scorched" will educate young people in contact with the evidence of the times and will promote the understanding of shared responsibility in Europe. Common values ​​of freedom of expression, press freedom and freedom of art have shaped the history and culture of Europe. They are always in danger of acts and behaviour of racism. Therefore, the aim of the project is to protect and appreciate these common values. In this endeavour the project will involve the citizens in various interactive activities through which they can live and feel themselves belonging to the European citizenship. The memory of the burning of books during the Nazi era is one fundamental fact from the European history. This meta-perspective frees young and older citizens from perceiving the memory of the victims as coercion. Project "Burnt/Scorched" wants to remind us emotionally of the burnt books in 1933 by organizing a three-day events series across 5 sites in Europe. Through meetings in the streets, theatres, active participation in book reading, happenings, presentations, discussions and workshops the project will achieve broad public activity. Young and aged enough people will form “time witness” tandems and will enable the connection between understanding and enlightenment. This will create atmosphere of trust, change perspectives and strengthen the joint responsibility of freedom in Europe. Project "Burnt/Scorched" invites us to reflect on the richness of the values ​​that Europe now offers, exciting emotional perception and motivating young and old, and the politicians to appreciate and promote sustainable memory. Facts and evidence such as film scenes from spontaneous conversations on the street, discussions, readings and reports will be posted on the project website


Organizing a 3-day events series in each partnership location as follows:
  • Pleven, Bulgaria - May 30 - June 1, 2014
  • Maribor, Slovenia - June 2014
  • Timisoara, Romania - November 2014
  • Jena / Lüneburg , Germany - May / June 2015

This project is funded by the European Union in frame of Programm “Europe for Citizens”.